The Fight

Titan America wants to build one of the largest cement manufacturing and strip mine facilities in the nation on the shores of the Cape Fear River. If they succeed, it will be one of the largest sources of air pollution in our area for the next 50 years. In addition to being the second-highest mercury emitting facility in New Hanover County, it would destroy over 1000 acres of irreplaceable wetland wildlife habitat and potentially harm critical surface and ground water within the Northeast Cape Fear River ecosystem. Read More read more

What can you do?

Get involved.
Show your support.

Help us protect our water, our air and our health.

Contact your Congress member and remind them that the cement kiln regulations will save lives and health. Tell them that you want Congress to protect citizens, not the multi-billion dollar cement industry, and ask them to oppose any effort to kill or defund the EPA cement kiln regulations.

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