How will this affect me?

Despite what Titan may say, this plant will negatively affect our community’s health, environment and economy for the next 50+ years. If built, Titan Cement will create a 2500 + acre mine, over 70-feet deep that would destroy over 1000 acres of irreplaceable wetlands, wildlife habitat and potentially harm critical surface and ground water within the NE Cape Fear River ecosystem. Titan will be one of the highest mercury emitting facilities in New Hanover County. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that causes disabilities in children, infants, and the unborn. There will be over 8500 school children within five miles of the proposed Titan plant. Children and the elderly are the most susceptible to Titan’s known pollutants. The Cape Fear Region is a family-oriented tourist attraction and up-and-coming retirement destination. Do we really want to put our most vulnerable citizens and investors in this local economy at risk by allowing this plant to come here?

Calculate Your Distance to the Stack!

Titan plans to construct a 400 foot or 40 story smoke stack at the kiln. Compare this height with the new PPD headquarters building in downtown Wilmington which is 12 stories high.

Here are some distances in miles from the proposed stack:
Castle Hayne Elementary    3.1
Holly Shelter Middle    3.1
Rocky Point Primary    3.8
Cape Fear Elementary    3.8
Cape Fear Middle    4.6
Heide Trask High    4.7
Trask Middle    5.4
Laney High    5.6
Topsail High    6.5
Topsail Middle    6.5
South Topsail Elementary      7.5
Wilmington Christian    7.5
Ogden Elementary    7.9
Cape Fear Community College, North Campus 4.2
Area landmarks
Porter's Neck Shopping Center    6.2
Mayfair Shopping Center    9.3
PPD Headquarters Building    10.9
Thalian Hall    11.3
ILM airport runway 7.4
I-40 1.8

To calculate the distance of the stack from your home or your child's school, just provide the requested input.
(Actual distances may vary. Results are an estimate and may be calculated on transit routes.)

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