Helpful tips for writing a letter
to the editor

Letters to the editor are a great way to voice your opinion on the Titan project and they help personalize this fight. Mothers, doctors, business owners, students and teachers all deserve to speak their mind so please consider chiming in. Here are a few helpful tips when writing a letter to the editor:

  • Write from the heart. Keep it personal. Avoid exaggerations. Use to back up your facts.
  • Write your letter in Word or Pages so that you can access Spell check and Grammar check. The online newspapers may not offer these functions and you want to make sure there are no typos or grammar snafus.
  • Most papers have an online form where you can copy and paste your letter in to the appropriate field. See the list below for direct links to these online forms. Be sure to fill out all required fields (usually indicated by an asterisk or in red print), copy and paste your LTE from your Word doc, double check everything is entered/filled out. Click Submit.
  • If the newspaper does not offer an online form, they provide an email address. Please see the list below for email addresses to various newspapers. Simply copy and paste the email address into the “To:” field in your personal email browser. Choose a subject line that summarizes your LTE. For example, if your letter is about Titan’s air emissions your subject could be “Say NO to Titan’s air emissions.” In the body of the email will be your letter. Copy and paste the letter from Word and double check that you have the “To:” field entered correctly, the subject line is to your liking and your LTE was copy and pasted correctly. Hit send!

To submit letters to the Star News, follow this process:

  1. Create login.
  2. Log into the Star News site.
  3. Submit a letter.


  • Keep it very, very simple and within the word count limits. If your letter goes over 225 words, it will get shortened and could delay it from getting posted or printed.
  • Avoid hard facts and numbers. If your letter includes a hard fact or figure, it will need to be fact checked which could delay it getting posted or printed.
  • Make your letter a personal response.
  • Submitting letters early in the week is best.
  • Read and follow guidelines, found here.

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