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Billy Valley

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Billy Valley: Grew up near the old Ideal Cement plant, which is the now the site of the proposed Titan Plant. Click to hear hear his story.

SUP Hearing Continued to June Commissioners Meeting

New Hanover County has revised the agenda for the April 7th Commissioners Public Hearing and continued the Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments to the Special Use Permit to the hearing on June 2, 2014
At the Planning Board Public Hearing on March 6th, the Board voted unanimously to recommend amendments using a draft of the Ordinance submitted by Board member Ted Shipley, not the one most were expecting posted by the Staff. The vote was taken after several edits were made to the text including a requirement for public notification and a 55 day timeline. In the revised draft, the burden of proof shifts to the opposition and there are still allowances for expansion of existing operations. We will share the latest revisions as soon as they are made available.
There were ninety-five public comments submitted, only one of which was in support of the revisions. Ten citizens spoke in opposition of the SUP revisions and there were at least sixty people from our side in the audience. THANK YOU ALL!
You can view the entire meeting on the NHCTV website

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